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What is the reason for the jam of the cam indexer in operati

2021-10-06 09:43   camdex indexer      
The use of cam indexers in automatic turntables, on the one hand, is for cost considerations, on the other hand, it is the unique mechanical stability of the indexer, which requires high torque, high-speed intermittent or swinging mechanical movements, and multi-station heavy loads. The mechanical characteristics under operating conditions are not available in any other equipment. After the indexer has been used for a period of time, the phenomenon of jamming sometimes occurs suddenly. What is the reason?
Indexing gearbox repair, cam indexer failure
In the use of the cam indexer, when there is a jamming situation, it is sometimes accompanied by the indexer reversal. What we are analyzing is that after the indexer is used normally for a period of time, the reasons should be found from the following aspects:

Indexing gearbox repair, cam indexer failure
1. In the case that the indexer does not have a driving function, first find the reason from the driving source, check the operation of the motor, the change of current, whether there is an overload phenomenon, the operation of the gearbox of the motor, and no load. Under the rotating condition, some are checking the brake of the motor. When the system is running, the brake is in a power-off state. After confirming that the parameters of the motor are correct, enter the second step of inspection.
2. Check the induction system of the indexer, whether the stuck position of the system is within the driving angle range of the indexer or the static angle range of the indexer. If there is a reversal, then it must be in the range of the driving angle. Check the signal Whether the angle of the cam is consistent with the driving angle of the indexer input shaft, if there is an offset, check the cause of the offset, which is the cause of the screw loosening, etc., if the angle of the signal cam is correct, check the sensor switch again, and there is no error. , And then check the signal transmission conditions, the above conditions are normal, and then enter the next step of investigation.
Indexing gearbox repair, cam indexer failure
3. There are many linkage mechanisms of the indexer, especially in the case of synchronous wheels and other transmissions. The installation and solid parts involved should be confirmed one by one. If all are OK, we can determine whether it is the failure of the indexer, and the input cam of the indexer Damage can cause jamming, but from experience, this situation is very rare, unless there is a serious overload operation, another situation is that the cam roller on the output turret is damaged, which will also cause the indexer to jam When a similar situation occurs, it is recommended to notify the manufacturer to inspect the indexer. Do not disassemble the indexer by yourself without industry experience.

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