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Why does the cam indexing mechanism appear positioning devia

2021-10-25 15:46   camdex indexer      
Inaccurate positioning of the cam indexing mechanism will cause excessive errors between the fixture on the automatic turntable and the production workpiece, and in some cases it will not be able to produce. Mechanical engineers believe that positioning accuracy is also a relatively important indicator to measure the quality of the indexing mechanism. How to judge And how to deal with the inaccurate rotation and positioning of the cam indexing mechanism?
Cam indexing machinery, indexing positioning deviation
Inaccurate positioning should be distinguished which is the case. The mechanical engineer will analyze it together with everyone. First, determine the inaccurate positioning of the indexing mechanism based on the premise that the disc jigs, etc. are in compliance with the use specifications. The positioning error is the axial up and down positioning error or the left and right radial positioning error. For the axial error of the top and bottom, it is necessary to measure the axial jitter of the disc when the indexing mechanism is running. From this, it can be judged whether the selection model of the indexing mechanism matches the load used, and the material of the disc , The size of the diameter, the thickness and, during the processing, whether there are external forces such as stamping and other automation systems.
Cam indexing machinery, indexing positioning deviation
For the left and right errors in the positioning of the indexing mechanism, it is necessary to first judge whether there are errors in all the stations. From the view of the mechanical engineer, all the stations have errors, and the influence of the inertia of the indexing mechanism disc must be determined, and Whether the motor as the driving source is stable; in the case of a single station error, on the one hand, due to the manufacturing error of the cam curve, or the needle bearing installation hole on the output shaft turret is offset, it is rare The outer diameter of the needle bearing or the error caused by the deformation of individual needle rollers is too large; there is also a situation that the wear of the cam curve that has been used for a long time is also the cause of inaccurate positioning.
The inaccurate positioning caused by the function of the internal components of the cam indexing mechanism above requires replacement of the cam or needle roller bearing. The mechanical engineer of this work strongly recommends returning to the production plant for processing, because the new bearing and needle roller should be replaced. To re-adjust the indexing mechanism and measure the positioning accuracy, the collocation and coordination of the new and old components need to be re-checked and confirmed by the manufacturer’s engineers.
Cam indexing machinery, indexing positioning deviation
The mechanical engineer tells everyone that the cam indexing mechanism of the new manufacturer, in order to ensure the close and gapless meshing of the internal components, the installation of the components will be preloaded, and as the use time increases, slack will occur, so the input force can be eccentric. Adjust the cover to see if the cam indexing mechanism can regain high-precision positioning accuracy. If not, then it is up to the manufacturer to complete it.

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