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What is the equal division angle and driving angle of the

2021-07-05 22:44   camdex indexer      
What knowledge should everyone know when buying a cam indexer? Today, our editor specially brings you the difference between the driving angle and the divided angle of our cam indexer. Let us all understand it together.
  What is the equal division angle and driving angle of the(图1)
The driving angle is the ratio of time between moving and stopping in each station. In the cam indexer, each station has an action such as moving and stopping, which is called a cycle of the indexer's movement. In the process of designing automation equipment, the indexer is required to be stopped to complete a certain process on the part. When this process is completed, we need to rotate the indexer to the next position. This is the determination of stop time and drive time. For example: the driving time is 1 second, the stopping time is 3 seconds, the driving time/stop time=1/3, and the driving angle is 90 degrees. Drive time is 1 second, stop time is 3 seconds, drive time/stop time=1/2, cam indexer drive angle is 120 degrees, the formula is: 360/sum of drive time and stop time ratio = drive angle. The equal division angle is the number of stations required by the customer during design. For example, if the number of stations required during the design is 2 stations, then the equal division angle is 180 degrees. The number of stations is 3, and the division angle is 120 degrees. The number of stations is 4, and the angle of equal division is 90 degrees. By analogy, the formula is: 360/number of stations = equal division angle.

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