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How to control the cam indexer

2021-07-11 21:32   camdex indexer      
What we are talking about is the cam indexer (intermittent indexer) commonly used in automation equipment. The cam indexer has a distinction between the driving angle and the angle of repose. When the input cam moves to the position of the angle of repose, the indexer action is completed, and the output shaft is in a static state. Do not move, the length of the static time depends on the selection of the driving angle of the indexer when selecting the cam indexer. After the input shaft of the cam completes the static division, it enters the driving state. At this time, it is driven by the cam. , The output shaft movement. Of course, the movement time also depends on the initial setting of the drive angle. The above is only for the control of the dynamic/static ratio of the cam indexer product itself.
How to control the cam indexer, the indexer control method
However, in the actual production process, the required stop time is longer than the stop time of the cam indexer itself.In this case, the indexer mentioned in the title must perform other methods in addition to its own dynamic/static ratio control. Control. There are many commonly used control methods, inverter control, clutch control, brake control, motor start and stop control, photoelectric sensor control, PLC control, power on and off control, etc.
The above control methods simply use one type to achieve satisfactory results. It is necessary to effectively judge the combination according to the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and learn from the strong points to make up for the shortcomings in order to meet the actual needs of production and processing. In the above methods, it is better to control the indexer with a frequency converter. In addition to having the function of moving and stopping, the braking effect of the inverter is also better than that of the motor. Most manufacturers adopt this method, using a combination of a brake motor, a photoelectric sensor switch, and a frequency converter to complete the whole Operational procedures. 
In addition, PLCs are used in automation equipment. When stepping motors or servo motors are used, a signal cam is installed on the input shaft. The opening of the signal cam is the same as the static angle of the cam indexer. In this case, Combined with the photoelectric sensor, the signal sent by the photoelectric sensor is used to rotate and stop the motor, which can better allow the cam indexer to operate according to the predetermined time. This combination will make the indexer and the motor and other machinery better The damage to the machine itself is also relatively low. In short, there are many ways to control the indexer. Experienced engineering and technical personnel will integrate their own production needs, and under the premise of ensuring production and technical parameters, make use of the best state of the machinery and equipment to work out a suitable indexer control method
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