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How does the 360-degree drive angle roller gear cam indexing

2021-09-07 08:21   camdex indexer      
In order to realize the function of intermittent motion and stop in the transmission of the automation system, the indexing characteristics output by the roller gear indexing unit will be fully utilized, and the automation system will complete the production and processing motions with the rotation and stop motion cycles, and the commonly used drive angle There are many types from 90 degrees to 330 degrees. In actual applications, the drive angle is determined to be used according to the operating speed, load, etc.
 index table gearbox,rotary indexing table design,oller gear cam indexing unit
The size of the indexing angle comes from the required number of stations. For the drive angle of the input shaft, the larger the drive angle, the more stable it is. Especially for high-speed automation systems, the impact force of the input cam at the moving and stopping node will produce Mechanical shock causes the entire system driven by the index table gearbox to vibrate. This is unavoidable for any mechanical equipment, but the amplitude is different. Large driving angles increase the contact surface of arc motion during operation. Large, consumes the power switch generated by inertia.
 index table gearbox,rotary indexing table design,oller gear cam indexing unit
In the actual high-speed operation, too large driving angle will also affect the speed, which requires careful calculation in the selection of the rotary indexers to ensure the stability and the system that can not be aligned. The speed of the operation is affected. Therefore, whether the roller gear indexing unit will shake during operation is also a common factor to distinguish high-quality brand roller gear indexing units.
 index table gearbox,rotary indexing table design,oller gear cam indexing unit
We sometimes find that a 360-degree drive angle is used in the roller gear indexing unit of the automation system, and in this case, a servo motor with higher precision is also used. In fact, the roller gear indexing unit has changed It has become an advanced reducer. It cannot be said that this design is relatively clever. On the one hand, it combines the characteristics of the servo motor's positioning accuracy higher than that of the cam indexers. On the other hand, it combines the operation of the roller gear indexing unit. Stability, why not directly use planetary or right-angle reducers, because reducers cannot achieve the advantages of the load and torque of roller gear indexing units. Reducers and roller gear indexing units are different types in the machinery industry It should also have great wisdom to be able to comprehensively utilize the advantages of the two, but such a design cost will be higher. Index table gearbox and ordinary gear reduction motors are sufficient for most industrial automation transmission applications.
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