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3 analysis and summary of the uneven output action of the ca

2021-09-22 17:07   camdex indexer      
Why is the output action of the cam indexing gear box uneven? When using the mechanical indexing turntable for the first time, you will feel confused when this kind of problem occurs, because if the output action is uneven, it will affect the effect of the entire automation system. The mechanical action of the theoretical design is fixed, but the actual design is not achieved. For the desired effect, there must be some unusual influencing factors.
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The uneven output speed of the indexing turntable mentioned here means that in the automatic multi-station disc machine, the output time of the former station takes 1 second, and the time of the latter station takes 1.2 seconds or More than 1 second, the output time of the two stations is inconsistent, because in the mechanical design of an automation system, each processing action and mechanical movement must be coordinated and unified in speed and time to achieve stable operation.
1. First of all, we must confirm the speed of the input axis of the indexing turntable. We know that the output shaft rotates under the drive of the input axis. If the input speed of the input axis is not even, then the input speed is also not even. It will cause uneven output speed. In the previous chapter, the drive of the input shaft mentioned in the previous chapter is completed by the motor. The stability of the current is an influencing factor for the input. Similarly, if the motor runs at an excessive speed Slowness will also lead to uneven output speed of the output shaft of the indexing turntable.
cam indexing drive, indexing table mechanism, cam indexing systems
2. Secondly, after this situation occurs, it is also necessary to confirm whether the installation of the connecting piece on the lower output shaft is stable. This phenomenon often occurs in actual operation. During the operation of the entire system, all components have been installed in place, but If there is still body error deviation, all installations and fasteners should be re-examined and tightened.
cam indexing drive, indexing table mechanism, cam indexing systems
3. In addition, if the rotation speed of the automation indexing turntable is too high or the load is too large, it will also cause uneven output speed of the indexing turntable. When the speed and load exceed the design range of the indexing turntable itself, it will cause abnormal mechanical coordination. , The solution is to reduce the speed or reduce the load. If the operating speed and load have been adjusted and still cannot meet the requirements, then a larger model product must be selected. One thing to add is that the indexing turntable must pay attention to the selection process at the beginning of its use. In addition, for the uneven output of the indexing turntable, it is also necessary to check and confirm factors such as the installation plane of the indexing turntable.

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