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Whether the motor of the cam indexer is equipped with a brak

2021-10-14 11:05   camdex indexer      
The ordinary gear reducer motor driving the cam indexer does not need to be braked. Here is an analysis and discussion.
Indexer motor, rotary indexing drive, mechanical indexer
Intermittent cam indexers mostly use ordinary geared motors to meet the requirements. Then, should the drive motor be braked? Let’s first analyze what is the role of the motor using the brake. The indexer motor uses the brake mainly to control the motor inertia to achieve the required accurate positioning. When the system sends a stop command to power on and off, the motor itself can be positioned. control. The brake of the motor can play the role of clutch, inching, speed change, reversing and so on.
Indexer motor, rotary indexing drive, mechanical indexer
When the motor uses the brake, the motor with an electromagnetic brake is more common in actual use. When the drive motor is energized and starts to run (normally, the brake is energized before the motor is started), the brake is energized to release the brake, and the motor restarts. . When the motor stops driving, the brake also has a power failure to act as a brake, which makes the motor stop running quickly. Generally, the brake system and electromagnetic brake coil are installed coaxially with the motor rotor.
From the above analysis, it can be seen that the brake of the indexer motor is very helpful to the precise positioning of the motor. Most automatic turntables are added to the automatic control system under the premise of the intermittent function of the indexer itself, especially It is some high-speed operation. At the same time, when the drive system is frequently stopped, the motor performance is relatively high. Therefore, the use of brakes for the drive motor reduces the wear of the motor due to frequent motor stops on the one hand, and on the other hand, Played a role in reducing inertia and precise positioning.
Indexer motor, rotary indexing drive, mechanical indexer
Speaking of this question, you may ask whether the use of the brake of the indexer drive motor will have any effect on the indexer or the auxiliary function of positioning. The answer is totally no, because the indexer has its own self-locking function. There is nothing to do with the motor or the brake, including the impact on accuracy. Only the unstable speed of the motor due to the stability of the voltage, etc.

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