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The role of cam indexer and its application industry

2021-08-08 08:57   camdex indexer      
The application of the cam indexer in automation equipment is more and more extensive. Based on the principle and characteristics of the indexer, its role in the automation equipment is also more comprehensive. Taken together, it includes the following four aspects: the role of the intermittent indexer, swing operation, lifting motion, irregular indexer motion, etc.
Divider function, cam indexer application industry
The function of the intermittent indexer in the principle of the indexer, the indexing transmission of the input shaft, and the regular intermittent movement are common in actual production applications. In the disc design of the automated assembly system, the working position is determined after the interval is determined. Time difference, complete drilling, tapping, plastic key, metal parts installation, etc., under the action of the cam index, complete the movement and stop work, in the actual application process, multiple models and types of indexers Combine to complete more complex and continuous production actions.
  The swing operation belongs to the principle of the reciprocating motion generated in the cam indexing of the indexer. The continuous rotation of the input shaft, under the action of the index, the output shaft reciprocates. In production, this kind of swing application is more commonly used in Two processing actions in the same process, or the same processing action in two different processes, are often used in some large-scale machinery, parts that need to meet the swing requirements, and some swing-type mechanical actions are also accustomed to using motors However, in terms of stability in use, the indexer has more advantages.
Divider function, cam indexer application industry
  The main feature of the principle of the lifting indexer is to complete the lifting production action, most of which are used in the lifting action of the machine, especially the high-speed production action. The stability of the cam indexer is unmatched by other equipment, and it is also in these lifting action requirements. , No matter from the design or the actual application, the cost paid compared to the indexer is also lower. What the lifting indexer can achieve is the operation of high and low stations, or the requirements of processing conditions, the function of lifting movement realized by directional input force indexing.
  The function of arbitrary indexing belongs to the special function of cam transmission. In the production of cam indexers, most of them belong to the regular indexing transmission. If irregular time intervals are required, then the motor needs to be stopped to realize the time interval. control. In this case, there are many control methods, using the assistance of signal cams, plus PLC control combinations, etc. In addition, photoelectric sensing devices are also commonly used in such facilities. It is worth mentioning that the use of this kind of arbitrary indexing requires a more detailed analysis and calculation of the selection of the indexer to ensure that the operation of the equipment is stable, energy consumption, and operating costs can be in an ideal state.
  The above is a detailed summary of the function of frequently used cam indexers. In the actual application of automation, there are various ways to use indexers. With the progress and development of industrial science and technology, the level of technological innovation continues to increase. , The indexer industry will also conform to the needs of the market, continue to innovate and expand, the future indexer market will be more novel and diversified.
The intermittent indexer is a component used in automated production equipment. This kind of rotary device has some requirements for torque and drive angle, especially its stability, which cannot be achieved by other equipment. The service life of some high-precision brand indexers It is also unmatched by other equipment. Based on this advantage, its application in all walks of life has become more extensive.
Divider function, cam indexer application industry
There are many cases where indexers are used in the assembly and testing of the electrical and electronic industries. With the development of industrial automation in recent years, the previous manual production will gradually be replaced by automation. For the needs of different industries, intermittent indexer manufacturers The needs of the market are also divided into many different types. When choosing an indexer, you must understand where the application is, as well as the use environment and technical parameters of the product. Only by combining various conditions can the appropriate indexer be selected. The use range of intermittent indexers is in addition to the above industries. There are many, beverage industry, pharmacy, food, packaging, assembly, mechanical processing, automobile, etc. Basically, the application range of the indexer has covered all areas of industrial production.
Of course, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the demand for automation in various industries continues to increase. Intermittent indexer manufacturers must continue to innovate in technology to meet the needs of the automation market. Compared with its application range, it has become larger and larger. Its own characteristics will also be gradually adopted by most companies. The development of intermittent indexer companies will affect the development of the entire automation industry. This is unquestionable from the current development trend.

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