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Effective maintenance is critical to the life of cam indexer

2021-08-10 08:13   camdex indexer      
The cam indexer is installed on paper cup machinery, automatic assembly machinery, pharmaceutical canning machinery, spot welding machines, riveting machines, automatic assembly machinery and other equipment to complete the mechanical indexing action. It is a gapless transmission mechanism. It belongs to the cam indexing structure with high speed and precision and strong self-loading capacity. The main internal structure is a combination of a variable sinusoidal cam and indexing needle roller bearings. The mechanical transmission combination involves the meshing of gears. Therefore, regular and effective maintenance is essential to the machine itself.
Cam indexer maintenance, rotary indexer maintenance
The cam indexer is driven by a high-speed geared motor. The speed, mechanical kinetic energy, buffer force of intermittent movement and stop, acceleration, etc., will affect its mechanical gap and itself. The speed varies from 20 to 1000 RPM, especially at high speed. Under the circumstance, any sundries, materials, even water and oil should not be physically related to the cam indexer. Anything that hinders its operation will cause accidents, such as: the cam indexer is stuck due to material obstacles, and Broken needle bearing, cam damage, motor burn, no matter what kind of situation, it may be fatal injury, after all, it occurs under high-speed operation.
Cam indexer maintenance, rotary indexer maintenance
The maintenance of the cam indexer should be carried out from several aspects:
1. Document specification: During the maintenance period, whether the maintenance is strictly in accordance with the maintenance manual.
2. Maintenance cycle: Whether the maintenance time cycle is maintained in accordance with the maintenance cycle suggested by the cam indexer manufacturer.
3. Maintenance content: Whether the maintenance position is accurate and precise, without any omissions.
4. Accessory detection and replacement: Whether to replace the aging accessories due to long use time during the maintenance period.
5. Cleaning of mechanical parts: Whether the material around the cam indexer disc and the input shaft is clear and clean enough.
6. Oil quality replacement: Normally, the maintenance time period of cam indexer is the same as that of automobile engines. Lubricating oil should be replaced regularly. Because its internal structure is a combination of cam and needle bearing without backlash, this combination must use lubricating oil. For auxiliary operation, it also serves to cool down the heat generated by the two during operation, so we need to replace the lubricating oil after using the cam indexer for a period of time.
7. Lubricant selection: We can refer to the environment around our equipment for the replacement of the lubricant label. For example, in a hot environment, we can choose a lubricant with a higher viscosity, and for a colder environment, we can choose Choose a lubricating oil with a lower viscosity, but no matter which one you choose, it should be replaced regularly according to the operating time.
8. Lubricating oil replacement cycle: Generally speaking, the indexer first lubricating oil should be replaced after 500-1000 hours of operation, which is 2-4 months. The later maintenance can be set at 6 months. Replace the lubricating oil every 12 months.

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