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Sensing part of cam indexer

2021-08-29 08:19   camdex indexer      
The sensor sheet of the cam indexer (also called the signal cam has many types, and there is no fixed standard and structure. It is designed according to the needs of the actual application. The main function of the sensor sheet is to combine with the sensor switch, or proximity switch, etc. Send a stop signal to the command system in automation to realize precise control of the cam indexer.
Indexer sensor, cam indexer sensor
The working principle of the cam indexer is that in the case of continuous rotation of the input shaft, each rotation of the output shaft runs a station, within the range of the angle of repose, the fixtures and other mechanisms loaded by the indexer perform processing operations, and in actual production According to the difference of time, simply relying on the static time of the indexer cannot meet the time of workpiece processing. In addition, during the operation of the automation system, the adjustment of the production speed, and the handling of intermediate maintenance abnormalities, will stop the entire system. The control, then, this task is completed by the induction system of the cam indexer, and the induction sheet in the induction system is a more important part.
There are two requirements for the structure of the sensor sheet. One is that the angle of the sensor sheet must be consistent with the driving angle of the indexer input shaft. For example, if the driving angle of the input shaft is 270 degrees, then the driving angle of the sensor sheet must also be the same as the input force. The drive angle of the shaft is the same. On the other hand, during installation and use, the rotation angle of the sensing plate and the rotation angle of the input shaft must be consistent, so that the signal of the indexer input shaft can be accurately transmitted to the control system.
The structure of the sensor sheet, taking the frequently used U-shaped photoelectric switches and proximity switches as examples, the input shaft of the standard cam indexer is a bidirectional coaxial structure, and the input shaft on one side is used to connect the driving source motor, etc., and the other The side is used to install the sensing system. The ring-shaped sensing plate is installed with the input shaft. The angle of the sensing plate blade or the angle of the vacancy is consistent with the angle of the indexer; the proximity switch structure is the same as the U-shaped switch, but the two principles are different, one It is a photoelectric induction type, and the other is a magnetic contact type.
There are also some designs that do not need to be directly mounted on the input shaft, but on the base or other mechanisms. However, after all, it must be synchronized with the rotation of the indexer input shaft. There are also other design methods for the sensor, such as using a 360-degree blade, and designing two gaps at the switch between the driving angle and the repose angle. Despite the similarities and differences in structure and style, the effect is the same, and you can choose according to the actual design and use.
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