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Analysis of the Causes of Abnormal Noise in the Use of Cam I

2021-08-30 08:30   camdex indexer      
In the process of using the indexer, there will often be abnormal noises. It should be noted that there will be a certain noise in the mechanical transmission due to the friction between the components, but if this noise becomes a larger noise, then it is There is a problem with the product itself.
rotary indexer, indexing table mechanism, globoidal cam indexer
In the automation system, the cam indexer is used for intermittent transmission. When abnormal noise occurs, it is necessary to determine where the source of the sound comes from, because in actual operation, the abnormal noise will also appear in the motor or the indexer transmission When it is determined that the main sound source comes from the indexer, it is necessary to judge the use of the indexer first.
Analyzed through three aspects, for the newly used or recently used indexer, after the abnormal noise occurs, first place the indexer in a no-load state and start the motor. The abnormal noise in this case indicates the initial assembly of the indexer And the adjustment is not in place, the tapered bearing is preloaded too tightly, causing the friction of the contact surface between the components to produce abnormal noise. For small indexers, when the motor is removed, the input shaft of the indexer should be turned by hand. If it rotates or is more laborious, the internal components need to be re-adjusted.
rotary indexer, indexing table mechanism, globoidal cam indexer
In order to confirm whether the load exceeds the rated load of the indexer for abnormal noise generated during the use of the cam indexer, it is necessary to reconfirm the initial selection data. Under the premise that the load is OK, confirm the internal operation of the indexer. All machines are the same, they have to go through a running-in period, and there must be an adaptation and matching process before the interpretation of the perfect transmission.
rotary indexer, indexing table mechanism, globoidal cam indexer
Some indexers will make abnormal noises after one year of use. Check and maintain the indexers to confirm whether there is any looseness between the components and whether they belong to the scope of the initial maintenance. The cooling oil in the indexer box needs to be replaced. After spot inspection and maintenance, there is still abnormal noise. Then, it depends on the wear of the indexer components, check whether the transmission cam and needle roller are damaged and deformed, and the wear of the output turret and other components should be replaced in time. Parts. When the cam indexer produces abnormal noise, it is recommended to return to the production plant for inspection and repair, which is convenient for professional maintenance of the product.

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